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the WHY? app Launches It’s Innovative Personal Growth Solution


Los Angeles, CA - April 13, 2021 - the WHY? app ( today announced their launch for iOS and Android platforms. This groundbreaking solution aims to pave a new path within the self help and wellness sector. It offers the solution to users for free, eliminating a barrier to entry giving access to helpful information for all. The app provides a cohesive platform combining spirituality and psychology to help users find meaning to their everyday problems, while also providing easy to use tools to transform them. The approach to motivating transformation is focused on pinpointing problems people face in their daily lives. Problems addressed relate to relationships, family, friends, work and money. the WHY? app enables users to dive into and resolve their problems, right in the palm of their hands, without having to rely on others.


Users are prompted to select problems within each category where they will be provided with: 

  • Insight from original audio content discussing multiple viewpoints and scenarios that may be present

  • Exploratory questions that further provoke thought

  • Positive affirmations to help rewire limiting beliefs

  • Suggestions for chakra imbalances and crystals to realign energy

  • Motivational quotes throughout the week to uplift


“It was during my own challenging times that I began seeking a tool that would help guide me in my search for meaning and for the WHY?. After discovering a void in the market, the seed for the WHY? app was planted. Utilizing my background in technology, I set out to make this idea a reality with the intent to help others in my very same position. I believe that we are positioned to be an innovative force in the field of personal growth,” said Renee Cohen, co-founder.


To learn more, please visit


About the WHY? app


the WHY? app is here to provide useful bite size content bridging the gap between spirituality and psychology that hand in hand, can yield a greater transformation for its users. The solution based app provides original tools to shift perspective and provide meaning. If you want to discover the WHY? to your everyday problems, download the app available for free on iOS and Android!

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